Luke Patience: A New Moon

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I have just arrived back from our world tour stop no. 2 in Palma Mallorca, and I write this in my wee apartment looking over the British Olympic waters in Weymouth. It’s always a very reflective time in the first few days post racing as we have fought hard for a week, it’s tiring and the hustle and bustle just suddenly stops when you arrive home as if it never happened. Meanwhile, the circus moves to the next venue and we do it all again!

Having recently teamed up with an old friend and competitor Elliot Willis, Palma was our first competition together. We chucked ourselves in at the deep end considering how little time we have trained together, but I love that. If it doesn’t mean something big then it’s rarely worth it in my eyes. I wish it was race day every day.

I am really encouraged at our first outing. I feel we have gelled seamlessly from our previous teammates and we understand each other from the off. It’s a funny thing jumping in a tiny wee race boat together. Although it was a new experience it just flowed from the off. I think being good friends, and more importantly having competed against each other, has allowed us to understand one another to a level which I don’t think you could create otherwise. It’s one of our biggest strengths as a team.

We race two races a day for six days. There are around 100 boats that follow the tour throughout the year and we are constantly battling every minute of every race to win, oh and our engine is invisible – the wind! Its one of the most challenging sports with all the variables I could think of thrown in, so training time is crucial. We are trying to replicate all the scenarios we may face in racing and attempt to make them realistic. Underlying through all that we develop our equipment (like a formula one car) to be the fastest boat on the water. The faster you are, the fewer risks you need to take tactically.

I’m really enthusiastic and inspired by what lies ahead. Having now raced together and got the ball rolling I am confident to say that our goal is firmly World Championship medals come this September. I’m not saying gold yet, it’s not currently necessary, but we will be at the front of the fleet doing all we can to be the hardest boat to beat on the water. We were so close to that statement this time round in Palma, so giving time to train specifically will bring us even closer.

For now, it’s the time to focus on all the small details within our road map. Securing the marginal gains will put the goal in healthy place, we need not worry about that. Next stop is Hyeres in the south of France for world cup no. 3 in two weeks time. Bring it on, I cant wait…

Luke Patience


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