Thinking of that Sochi moment

Snowboarder Ben Kilner talks about the official team announcement and run up to the Sochi Olympics here 

With less than a month until the opening ceremony kicks off in Sochi, things are getting slightly rushed. It feels like trying to study for an exam that’s due in a couple days. At this point in time it’s all about getting the consistency of runs landed. During a typical day I lose count of amount of times I do my run. I do it over and over and over again until I am satisfied. I would definitely say I am hard on my riding and no pressures can match that of which I put on myself. Therefore during this phase I am extra critical to ensure I do my tricks properly.

I am due to attend one more Olympic qualifier this weekend and that is when Team GB will officially announce their team to represent the country at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Although I don’t need to attend the World Cup, I will go as any practice at this time is vital.  The atmosphere with the team at this point is great. Everyone is putting down good training sessions and most of us have hit the targets for qualifying.

Every cycle of Winter Olympics gets harder to qualify for as the standard always increases. Each time around the qualifying targets are made slightly harder. My targets for competing are getting into the finals. Once I am there I can throw everything I have at my run and just hope I stay on my feet right to the end and challenge the field.

It’s an event like no other.  Travelling over to the Olympics together makes you feel like you are part of something very special.  You are not only the country’s best in your particular sport but you are going on to represent the whole country and compete for them against the world’s best. It’s scary but exhilarating at the same time. It’s my dream come true from the first day I picked up a snowboard.

Over the next month I will have nothing on my mind other than the Olympics.

Thinking of that moment when everything goes quiet and I am about to drop in for my run.

Ben Kilner



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