This week World Champion curler Eve Muirhead gives us an insight into her recent preparation in the lead up to the Sochi Olympics. One of the three winter sports represented by , the season has started strongly for her and ‘Team Muirhead’. 


Preparation for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are well underway.  We’ve had a great start to the season so far winning a Grand Slam, coming runners up at a Grand Slam, taking silver at the European Championships and recently winning one of the European Curling Tour Championship events.

The European Championships back in December was our last major event to really put a marker down before Sochi. 

Sport can sometimes be cruel in many different ways. We had a great week going undefeated into the final but we just didn’t take our best game on the day and had to settle for silver. This has made us more determined and hungrier than ever to get to the top of the podium. Losing is tough, but it can also be a great way to learn.

Every morning the alarm goes off at 6.30am, gym clothes on, brush & curling shoes in the bag and my day at the “office” begins!

3 times a week we start the day with strength and conditioning. Then it is onto individual practice sessions on the ice, followed by a team session on the ice with the coach. The day is usually rounded off by going by to the gym for some cardio!

Recently we as a team had a rare free afternoon in Stirling and we met up with Chris Hoy, where he shared his experiences at the Olympics.  He spoke to us about dealing with pressure and about not letting outside influences affect performance before fielding various questions we fired at him!  Hopes and expectations are high for us going in as world champions but I love pressure. Having competed back in Vancouver 2010 I know what to expect and how I can help the team.

I’m currently sitting on a very bumpy plane writing this. Yesterday I was in Bern, Switzerland, last night in London and in 7 hours I’ll be landing in Las Vegas!  It’s a reality of our sport – all the travel to amazing places but all we really see is the airport, hotel and ice rink! We’re there for a reason after all.

28 days to go until Sochi. The countdown is well and truly on.



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